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Arabian Nights cards were released December 1993.
There are 92 cards in the Arabian Nights set.

Arabian Nights cards are black-bordered.
Arabian Nights cards do not use tap symbols.

Arabian Nights cards are identified by the Scimitar (curved sword) symbol.

Juzam Djinn is the most valuable card in the Arabian Nights set.

The Rukh Egg is one of the most valuable common cards in Magic.

Some Arabian Nights cards have an "a" and "b" version. In this scan, the "a" version are on the left. The "b" cards are on the right. The "a" cards were printed slightly darker than "b" cards. The best way to see the difference is to look at the mana cost. The number in the mana cost is darker in the "a" cards than the "b" cards. In the Naf's Asp, look at the mana cost in the message box.

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